Anti-Squeak, Anti-Vibration and Sub-Flooring

Any of our FST elastomer products can be used for these applications.  However we most often supply neoprene/chloroprene in strips or gaskets.  Chamberlin supplies two solid compounds and one closed cell sponge that meet FST requirements.  Neoprene/chloroprene is a good general purpose elastomer used throughout the transit industry.  Adhesives can be applied to any of these products based on customer specifications.

Solid Neoprene 35 AA Supplied as precision die cut parts, slit goods, sheet materials that can all be supplied with/without adhesive 65 Shore A Durometer.

Extruded Neoprene Flex 35 Used in customer extrusion profiles, such as window seals, tubing, locking strips, etc.  70 Shore A Durometer.

SC 41 Neoprene Closed Cell Sponge Soft density closed cell sponge supplied as precision die cut parts, slit goods, bulk materials with/without adhesives. 

Molded Cleats Used under the rail car to hold water drain pipes in place and reduce vibration noise.