The Seal & Design Inc. Difference for Mass Transit Products

Door and Window Seals

Seal & Design Inc. supplies rubber for mass transit railcar needs:

  • Built to the highest standards for the ultimate in quality.
  • Rigorously tested to meet the toughest of safety requirements.
  • Delivered on schedule to keep your job on track.

Door and Window Seals

Give Riders a More Enjoyable Ride

Seal & Design’s Flex 35 solid neoprene in 70 Shore A Durometer is perfect for rail car windows and doors. This compound can be extruded into a typical window “H” shape gasket, and we can usually extrude the locking zip strip at the same time.

  • One side of the "H" gasket grips the substrate.
  • The other side grips the glass pane.
  • The locking strip cut-out in the middle forces the jaws of the gasket shut to grip both the glass pane and the substrate.
  • This also provides a water-tight seal without use of an adhesive.

Interior Doors and Window Screens

We offer protective edges and sweeps to fit under the door or screen to reduce air movement, assure climate control, and minimize debris

Railcar Doors

Edges can be extruded out of solid rubber to protect passengers when automated doors close. These low- maintenance, protective edges can be trimmed to size with or without bolt holes or other attachment alternatives.

Railcar Windows

Extruded gaskets can be vulcanized at the ends to form a continuous loop to fit a specific window size, or they can be provided in bulk so the ends can be glued together at installation.

Door and Window Seals Door Seal
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Our rubber materials are tested to the most stringent industry standards

  • ASTM E 162
  • ASTM E 662
  • ASTM C 542 (ASTM C 1166 Procedure)
  • ASTM E 1354
  • BSS 7239
  • SMP 800 C
  • NFPA 130 Compliant
  • 49CFR238 Compliant

Low flame, smoke and toxicity spread!

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