Door & Window Seals

We use our Flex 35 solid neoprene for the windows and doors of the rail car. This compound can be extruded into a typical window "H" shape gasket, and we can usually extrude the locking zip strip at the same time.

With this type of extruded shape, one side of the "H" gasket grips the substrate, the other side grips the glass pane, and the locking strip cut-out in the middle of the extruded shape forces the jaws of the gasket shut to grip both the glass pane and the substrate. This also provides a water-tight seal without use of an adhesive.

We can provide these extruded gaskets vulcanized at the ends to form a continuous loop to fit a specific window size, or we can provide them in bulk so the ends can be glued together at installation.

For doors we can offer edges extruded out of solid rubber to protect passengers when automated doors are closing. These are low maintenance protective edges that can be trimmed to size with or without bolt holes or other attachment alternatives. For interior doors and windowscreens, we can offer protective edges and sweeps to fit under the door or screen to guard air movement, climate control or debris.

Extruded Neoprene Flex 35 Used in customer extrusion profiles, such as window seals, tubing, locking strips, etc.  70 Shore A Durometer.