Lighting & Electronic Seals

We offer a variety of sponges and foams that are used to dampen sound vibration in the light fixtures of the rail car. These materials are installed inside the metal casing with the wiring, and they must withstand varying degrees of stress from constant vibration and/or high temperatures.

For high temperature applications, we offer our silicone sponges like HT-800, and HT-870, or a silicone foam like the BF-1000. Since many lighting manufacturers are now using low temperature/low voltage lighting to improve elegance and add indirect lighting to the rail car, we can also offer our SC-41 Neoprene Sponge as a low cost alternative to the silicones. All of the silicones and closed cell neoprene have been tested to meet the FRA requirements for flame, smoke, and toxicity.

Of course we can slit and custom die cut our silicone materials and closed cell neoprene for this application, as well as apply adhesive backing if needed, but these materials cannot be extruded. 

SC 41 Neoprene Closed Cell Sponge Soft density closed cell sponge supplied as precision die cut parts, slit goods, bulk materials with/without adhesives.

HT 800 A highly versatile, medium firmness silicone that offers the lightness of a foam with the enhanced sealing capabilities of a traditional sponge rubber.

HT 870 The high compressibility and durability of this soft cellular silicone makes it ideal for sealing enclosures, protecting electronics, and providing vibration isolation for various applications.

BF 1000 The high compressibility and durability of this soft silicone allows it to adapt to various environments, making it ideal for sealing outdoor enclosures, protecting electronics, and various cushioning applications.